Compute Service on Google Cloud for Machine Learning

When talking about machine learning engineering, surely we need a great compute resource for calculating the result of our machine learning. Google cloud offer four available resources to use by machine learning developer or machine learning engineer.

But first, let us understand about compute…


Compute in Google Cloud Platform service refer to the compute infrastructure that has been build by google. There are four type of compute service on Google Cloud.

  1. Google Compute Engine
  2. Google Kubernetes Engine
  3. Google App Engine
  4. Google Cloud Functions

Let’s talk about this deeper…

Google Compute Engine

Google compute engine (GCE) is a service that provide us a virtual machine that running on cloud. It is a Infrastructure as a Service from Google Cloud. We can virtually manage virtual machine using many resources from google. This service offers flexibility to manage server instances.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is a service that runs a containerized applications on cloud. GKE is running virtual machines that has capsulated with containerized application.

Google App Engine

Google App Engine (GAE) is a Platform as a Service that we can easily deploy our code into the cloud platform without thinking about the infrastructure. We can focus to the code and the server will automatically managed by Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions is known as Function as a service in the Google Cloud Environment. So we just write the code to call an action to the events. Cloud Functions is a server less execution environment.

So, that is all about the compute environment that we can use in the google cloud service to use and setup our machine learning ecosystem on google cloud. As we know, google has many resource of computing power that can speed up the process of machine learning research. By learning this services, we can know which tools that we can use to create or develop our machine learning ecosystem.

Hope this article can help you to understand about the compute service on google cloud!



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